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WR-TBL Terminal Blocks - Wurth Electronics
WR-TBL Terminal Blocks

Wurth Electronics' WR-TBL series terminal blocks are available in many different connection types and offer large and modular terminal block possibilities.

Image of HellermannTyton In-Line Ratchet P-Clamp Family
In-Line Ratchet P-Clamp Family

HellermannTyton’s in-line ratchet P-clamp family features a robust design of durable materials, making it ideal for heavy-duty applications.

Image of Phoenix Contact's PC 6 BUS Series Connectors
PC 6 BUS Series Connectors

Phoenix Contact's PC 6 BUS series is ideal for connecting commercially available 6 AWG conductors without conductor pretreatment.

Image of Banner Engineering's S15L Series Indicator
S15L Series Indicator

Banner Engineering's S15L series indicator has two color indicator lights that can be connected to a power source/sensor to indicate power and output status.

Image of Banner Engineering's K50 Pro Series Touch Buttons
K50 Pro Series Touch Buttons

K50 Pro touch buttons with vibration feedback are the latest extension of Banner Engineering's most popular touch button family.

Image of LAPP's ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Patch Cords
ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet Patch Cords

LAPP’s ETHERLINE® Industrial Ethernet patch cords support high-speed data communication network connections that Industry 4.0 relies on to improve productivity.

Image of NJR (New Japan Radio) NJU7755x Series Operational Amplifier
NJU7755x Series Operational Amplifier

NJR's NJU7755x series operational amplifiers have high GBW, lower power, RRIO, and can save the battery life of IoT designs.

Image of Microchip's MCP16502 High-Performance PMICs
MCP16502 High-Performance PMICs

Microchip's MCP16502 PMICs are compatible with eMPUs, requiring DVS with HPM optimized and fully tested for the MPUs with different memory configurations.

Image of Danisense DS Series Current Transducers
DS Series Current Transducers

Danisense DS series current transducers feature fluxgate, closed-loop compensated technology for non-intrusive, isolated DC and AC current measurements.

Image of LAPP's EPIC® Pin and Sleeve Connectors
EPIC® Pin and Sleeve Connectors

LAPP’s EPIC® pin and sleeve impact-resistant connectors provide safe, secure connections in challenging indoors and outdoors conditions.

Image of Texas Instruments' UCC12040/50 Isolated DC/DC Converters
UCC12040/50 3 kVRMS and 5 kVRMS Isolated DC/DC Converters

Texas Instruments' UCC12040/50 3 kVRMS/5 kVRMS isolated DC/DC converters with integrated transformer technology are designed for high voltage applications.

Image of Jauch's Li-SOCl2 Series Lithium Thionyl Chloride Batteries
Lithium Thionyl Chloride (Li-SOCl2) Batteries

Jauch’s lithium thionyl chloride (Li-SOCl2) batteries are available in many different sizes and forms and can be used in a diverse range of end products.

Image of Hirose's PQ50 Series High-Power Connectors
PQ50 Series High-Power Connectors

Hirose's PQ50 series rugged high-power connectors for industrial environments are available in a lightweight plated plastic resin or a zinc die-cast shell.

Image of MATRIX Industries' Mercury DC/DC Boost Converters
Mercury DC/DC Boost Converters

MATRIX Industries' Mercury DC/DC boost converters are ideal for harvesting and managing surplus energy from extremely low input voltage sources.

Image of TAIYO YUDEN 22µF High-Capacitance MLCCs
22 µF High-Capacitance MLCCs

TAIYO YUDEN’s 22 µF MLCCs are available in a variety of package sizes.