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AFBR-S20N1N256 Qneo NIR Spectrometer - Broadcom
AFBR-S20N1N256 Qneo NIR Spectrometer

Equipped with an uncooled InGaAs sensor array, Broadcom's AFBR-S20N1N256 Qneo neat NIR spectrometer enables accurate measurement between 950 nm and 1700 nm.

M24256X-F 256 Kbit EEPROM in WLCSP 4-Ball - STMicroelectronics
M24256X-F 256 Kbit EEPROM in WLCSP 4-Ball

STMicroelectronics’ 256 Kbit EEPROM is designed to enhance the performance of a camera module and any other small flex module used in smart mobile devices.

Image of Mueller Electric’s Binding Posts
Binding Posts

Mueller Electric offers various binding posts, including singles, duals, insulated, uninsulated, knob types, miniatures, metal, and spring-loaded.

Image of Mueller Electric’s Pin-Tip Connectors
Pin-Tip Connectors

Mueller Electric’s pin-tips with crimp-style connections give exceptional grip, while gold-plated jacks provide superior electrical performance.

Image of NXP's i.MX RT500 Crossover MCUs
i.MX RT500 Crossover MCUs

NXP's i.MX RT500 Crossover MCUs are designed to unlock the potential of display-based applications with a secure, power-optimized embedded processor.

Image of Texas Instruments' TMP1075 Digital Temperature Sensor
TMP1075 1°C I2C Temperature Sensor

Texas Instruments' TMP1075 1°C I2C digital temperature sensor is optimal for thermal management and thermal protection applications.

Image of Fluke's 393 FC CAT III 1500 V True RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex
393 FC CAT III 1500 V True-RMS Clamp Meter with iFlex

Fluke's 393 FC CAT III 1500 V true-RMS clamp meter is designed to allow technicians working in high voltage environments.

Image of Analog Device's ADE9153A Energy Metering IC
ADE9153A Energy Metering IC

Analog Device's ADE9153A energy metering IC is designed for single-phase, shunt-based metering applications.

Image of Jauch Quartz's 31SMT Series SMD Tuning Fork Crystal
J31SMT Series SMD Tuning Fork Crystal

Jauch Quartz's J31SMT series 3.2 mm x 1.5 mm SMD tuning fork crystals are produced using advanced photolithographic processes.

QHL600/750 Series DC-DC Brick Converters - XP Power
QHL Series Baseplate Cooled 75 W to 750 W DC-DC Converters

XP Power’s QHL series of brick type DC-DC converters include output power ranges of 600 W or 750 W and are designed for 300 VDC nominal input applications.

Image of Samtec LSHM-S/HLCD Shielded Hermaphroditic Connectors and Cable
LSHM-S/HLCD Shielded Self-Mating Hermaphroditic Connectors and Cable

Samtec’s LSHM-S/HLCD series connectors and cables are shielded 360° for EMI reduction.

Image of Texas Instruments' TPS2661 Current Loop Protector
TPS2661 Universal 4 mA to 20 mA Current Loop Protector

Texas Instruments' TPS2661 current loop protector provides a robust signal line protection in a wide range of industrial and automations systems.

Image of Abracon's AOC Stratum 3/3E SMD OCXO and VCOCXO Family
AOC Stratum 3/3E SMD OCXO and VCOCXO Family

Abracon's AOC Stratum 3/3E SMD OCXO and VCOCXO family feature high-stability and ultra-low phase noise for high-precision clocking.

Image of Texas Instruments' LMK1D1208 8-Channel Output LVDS
LMK1D1208 8-Channel Output LVDS 1.8 V, 2.5 V, and 3.3 V Buffer

Texas Instruments' LMK1D1208 8-channel output LVDS buffer is suitable for applications such as telecommunications and networking.

Image of Molex's Premo-Flex One-Touch FFC Jumper Cables
Premo-Flex One-Touch FFC Jumper Cables

Molex's Premo-Flex one-touch FFC jumper cables offer single-step mating and a locking mechanism to ensure superior mating retention.