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- Eaton’s Electronics Division is a diversified global manufacturer of circuit and overvoltage protection products as well as power management magnetics and supercapacitors. Through innovative technology and custom-engineered designs, Eaton provides unique solutions for today’s market-driven requirements. With the acquisition of Cooper Industries by Eaton, Cooper Bussmann Electronics is now called Eaton Electronics Division.

Automotive Solutions Selector

Image of Eaton's Automotive Electronics Solutions

Eaton selector tool designed to accelerate the selection of components for individual automotive systems and requirements. Learn More

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Image of Eaton's MPIA40-V2 Series of Miniature Power Inductors

Automotive AECQ Miniature High Current Inductors - MPIA40-V2 Series

Eaton's MPIA40-V2 series automotive grade miniature power inductors are offered in a rugged, flexible, metal composite construction which allows compact package design in low profile height options for a wide variety of applications in the automotive environment.

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Image of Eaton's MPI40-V2 Series of Miniature Power Inductors

High Power Density Miniature Inductors - MPI40-V2 Series

Eaton's MPI40-V2 series of miniature power inductors are magnetically shielded for low EMI noise but still offer a high-current carrying capacity with its low-profile design for various applications.

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Image of Eaton's HCM1A Series Power Inductors

Automotive AECQ High Current Power Inductors - HCM1A Series

Eaton's HCM1A series of high current power inductors is designed to meet electronic system power and thermal handling requirements.

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Image of Eaton's S505SCH Series High I2t

S505SCH Series High I²t, Time-Delay Axial Fuses

Eaton’s S505SCH Bussmann series fuses are ceramic tube and time-delay parts with high breaking capacity.

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Image of Eaton's 1025HC Series Fuses

High Current Fast Acting SMD Fuses - 1025HC Series

Eaton’s 1025HC series high-current, fast-acting, SMD fuses are designed for the power requirements of next-gen telecommunications.

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Image of Eaton's C310T-SC Bussmann Series Time-Delay Axial Fuses

C310T-SC Bussmann® Series Time-Delay Axial Fuses

Eaton's C310T-SC Bussmann® series time-delay, axial lead, ceramic tube fuses are designed for primary circuit protection.

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Tools and Support

Image of Eaton's Parametric Search Icon

Parametric Search Tool

Drill down into the Eaton product database to find the right part for your applications. Learn More

Image of Eaton's Cross Reference Icon

Cross Reference Tool

Find an Eaton part number to a competitor cross or older Eaton part. Learn More

Image of Eaton's IC Matching Icon

IC Matching Tool

Find Eaton IC reference design products. Learn More

Image of Eaton's Supercapacitor Calculator Icon

Supercapacitor Calculator

Determine your calculated requirements and design capability. Learn More

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Discharge Curve

Eaton Brand Supercapacitors

Duration: 10 minutes

This presentation will introduce the basic parameters needed for sizing a supercapcitor.

Shielded Drum Core Inductor Coiltronics DR Series

Shielded Drum Core Inductor Coiltronics DR Series

Duration: 10 minutes

Cost, size, and performance benefits are a few amongst many benefits offered by this series, which is commonly used in the consumer electronics market.

SEPIC Converter

SEPIC Converter

Duration: 10 minutes

Cost, size, and performance benefit when using couples inductors compared to using two discrete inductors.

PowerStor Supercapacitors

PowerStor Supercapacitors

Duration: 15 minutes

Overview of the considerations to take when selecting a PowerStor supercapacitor.

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