EZ-Spring Contacts

Harwin introduces its EZ-Spring contacts for use in grounding or shielding applications

Image of Harwin's EZ-Spring ContactsAlso known as grounding/RFI contacts, spring or shield fingers, Harwin's spring contacts can be assembled to PCBs and used as grounding or shielding contacts or even for general electrical connection between PCBs or similar. They are supplied on tape and reel packaging and are ideally suited for automated placement. Mounted in a row, the contacts can provide an excellent RFI shielding connection for metal doors or other cabinet enclosures. The contact design ensures positive contact with the mating surface, and is tolerant to both wiping and sliding action.

These spring contacts are available in a number of height variants to suit most application requirements, and conform to RoHS legislation.

  • Motion control units
  • Mobile power units
  • Environmental monitoring equipment
  • Broadcast and communications equipment
  • Industrial process control equipment

EZ-Spring Contacts

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionAvailable Quantity
S7121-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.7MM SMDS7121-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 1.7MM SMD48332 - Immediate
S7121-42R product page link
S7071-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMDS7071-46RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMD26768 - Immediate
S7071-46R product page link
S1791-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 4MM SMDS1791-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 4MM SMD21237 - Immediate
S1791-42R product page link
S7061-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 5.5MM SMDS7061-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 5.5MM SMD14359 - Immediate
S7061-42R product page link
S1941-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN SMDS1941-46RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN SMD9179 - Immediate
S1941-46R product page link
S7091-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.7MM SMDS7091-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.7MM SMD7514 - Immediate
S7091-42R product page link
S7101-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 3.5MM SMDS7101-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 3.5MM SMD10824 - Immediate
S7101-42R product page link
S1761-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER GOLD 3.5MM SMDS1761-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER GOLD 3.5MM SMD174367 - Immediate
S1761-42R product page link
S1951-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN SMDS1951-46RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN SMD4685 - Immediate
S1951-46R product page link
S7111-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 4.5MM SMDS7111-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 4.5MM SMD6393 - Immediate
S7111-42R product page link
S1761-46R datasheet linkEMI SHIELD FINGER T&R(2000/R)S1761-46REMI SHIELD FINGER T&R(2000/R)3093 - Immediate
S1761-46R product page link
S1741-46R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMDS1741-46RRFI SHIELD FINGER TIN 2.5MM SMD2183 - Immediate
S1741-46R product page link
S7081-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.75MM SMDS7081-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 2.75MM SMD2303 - Immediate
S7081-42R product page link
S7041-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 4MM SMDS7041-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 4MM SMD281 - Immediate
S7041-42R product page link
S7051-42R datasheet linkRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 6MM SMDS7051-42RRFI SHIELD FINGER AU 6MM SMD964 - Immediate
S7051-42R product page link
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Published: 2015-07-24