M22L10 Multi-Turn Potentiometer

Copal presents long life, wirewound potentiometers of five million turns

Image of Copal Electronics M22L10 Wirewound Multi-Turn PotentiometerCopal Electronics' M22L10 wirewound potentiometers have a long life of at least five million rotational cycles. This long life makes the M22L10 product line the perfect choice to be used in printing devices, mechanical shutter/blind equipment and other control applications which require high reliability and accuracy. This product line has a large effective electrical angle of 3600 degrees which enables fine settings.

Features Specifications
  • Fine setting possible by 10 turns
  • Longer rotational life (five million cycles)
  • Bushing mount
  • Ideal for HMI applications
  • Effective electrical angle: 3600°
  • Nominal resistance value (Ω): 1K, 2K, 5K, 10K, 20K
  • Independent linearity: ±0.2

M22L10 Wirewound Multi-Turn Potentiometer

ImageManufacturer Part NumberDescriptionResistance (Ohms)Available Quantity
M22L10-000-102 datasheet linkPOT 1K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEARM22L10-000-102POT 1K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR1k56 - Immediate
M22L10-000-102 product page link
M22L10-000-202 datasheet linkPOT 2K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEARM22L10-000-202POT 2K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR2k20 - Immediate
M22L10-000-202 product page link
M22L10-000-502 datasheet linkPOT 5K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEARM22L10-000-502POT 5K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR5k20 - Immediate
M22L10-000-502 product page link
M22L10-100-203 datasheet linkPOT 20K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEARM22L10-100-203POT 20K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR20k20 - Immediate
M22L10-100-203 product page link
M22L10-100-103 datasheet linkPOT 10K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEARM22L10-100-103POT 10K OHM 2W WIREWOUND LINEAR10k14 - Immediate
M22L10-100-103 product page link
Published: 2017-01-06